Hi! I’m Priscilla – a health coach, wellness expert, mama bear, nature lover, coffee enthusiast, and creator of the Wellness Project, a coaching program designed to take you from sick, stressed and burnt out, to happy, healthy and confident.

Reading Ingredient Labels

Lets talk food labels! For most people, reading a food label can be a little confusing. Add in the ingredient lists, and it can feel like reading a foreign language. But these labels are important tools to help you make healthy choices.¬† They assist you in¬†breaking down and decoding what is in your food and […]

4 Tips to Help You Beat Healthy Food Boredom

Have you ever tried committing to “eating clean” and found that those same meals became very boring very fast? Or have you ever been out to eat and ordered something on the menu that you thought was the healthy option, but really you were dreading it? I know I have. It’s hard to want to […]

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