The Journey Begins

me journeyHello you!  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that upon leaving my blog, you’ll feel motivated and inspired.  I’d like to being by sharing the motivation behind my writings.  Experience.  I’m here to share my experiences, my everyday experiences.  I love to live.  I love feeling my best, doing my best, and giving the best of me.  I love teaching, and I love learning.  I love giving as much as I love receiving.  In fact, I’m so grateful for all that I’ve been given, not just material items, but the non physical items as well, such as time, love, kindness, patience, awareness, safety, protection, knowledge, wisdom, opportunity, friendships, family – it’s only fair and righteous of me to share this with others. 

This is how Your Fit Blueprint was born.  Throughout the years of studying health, nutrition, and fitness, I’ve become more aware of my body, myself, my entire being.  I’m fascinated by the human body physically and mentally.  I’ve come to understand we really are limitless beings, and the only one who dictates how far we go is us.  WE are the vehicle, the destination and the journey is up.  The quality of our life is entirely up to us.

“The quality of our life is entirely up to us.”   

THAT in itself just lights me up.  Imagine the possibilities, and it all starts with us! Here is where it gets even more exciting.  No matter where you are at in life, no matter what difficulties you are facing now, no matter what challenges you think you’ll never overcome, you CAN overcome them.  It all starts with believing first with your mind. 

 First, change the frequency of your negative thought patterns.  Shift your focus from what you can’t do to what you can do.  Change your “but I can’t” excuses to “here’s how I can.”  Change your “I have to” forced mindset to “I get to” open mindset.

self careSecond, build a relationship with yourself.  This is something that should be worked on daily.  The most important relationship you’ll ever have here on earth is the relationship you have with YOU.  As you grow to love and respect yourself, you’ll care for yourself.  You’ll learn more of yourself, and you’ll make yourself a priority.  And by making yourself a priority, you can better serve and pour love and care into others.      

I know there are many situations in life that can’t be easily overcome.  I know there is unbearable pain and suffering, traumatic life changing events, wounds that may never be healed.  I know there are many dealing with loss and agony that has left them in despair.  But I also know and believe that there is always hope for a brighter life.  

I wouldn’t know of this hope unless it was given to me.  Through painful experiences in my own life, I’ve been able to experience the love of Jesus, the hope He’s restored in me, and the faith and strength He continues to supply me.  I want to share this hope and love with you also, because His love and mercy and grace is limitless.  He is a God of abundance, and you too can experience His unconditional love.

Through my life’s painful encounters, I’ve come to develop a love for health and fitness.  The Gym became my place of refuge, an escape from real life.  Caring for my mind and body is something I’m highly passionate about.  It has rewired my brain.  And I’ve become so passionate about it, I want to share this lifestyle and teach others to do the same.

I hope you will come on this journey with me, as we grow in strength, hope, gratitude and above all, love.  On this blog, I’ll share with you my life lessons, my healing and painful moments, and my tips and advice for healthy living, both physically and mentally.

And remember, you are loved!


Priscilla Gonzalez




“Nurturing yourself isn’t selfish – it’s essential to your survival and well-being.” – Renee Trudeau

Benefits of Tea for your Skin

After how many years is one allowed to call themselves a veteran tea drinker? I’m about 7 years in. That has to count for something right? Throughout those years I’ve come to learn quite a bit about teas and all their amazing benefits. One benefit specifically is how much they can help boost our skin health and give us a natural glow.

Green Tea: 5 Benefits for Skin, Brain, and Heart Health


Fresh green tea is light and refreshing. And when it comes to skin health, green tea is your friend. It contains antioxidants the help prevent skin cancer and DNA damage from the sun. It also has vitamin B2 and vitamin e to help maintain your skins collagen and hydrate your skin. HOW TO STEEP: Steep for no more three minutes in water that’s just under boiling. In this way you don’t burn your leaves and avoid that bitter taste!

White tea, beneficial properties


White tea is pretty incredible and also underrated in the tea world. It contains extracts that help nourish and protect your skin cells. It’s also been found to reduce the breakdown of collagen and boost your skins elasticity. Talk about anti-aging! HOW TO STEEP: You’ll want to use water that’s around 170 degrees. Boiling water will damage your leave. For a general rule of thumb, bring water to a boil, then remove from heat and let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Then pour over your white tea. Let steep for 2 to 5 minutes depending on how strong you’d like it.

Black tea boosts weight loss by altering gut bacteria


Drinking black tea on a regular basis will improve your overall antioxidant strength within your body. And when it comes to skin health, black tea provides many benefits, from preventing premature aging and wrinkles, and it contains certain compounds that help fight infections and inflammation on your skin (ex. helping prevent a skin breakout.) It also has various vitamins and minerals that help nourish and plump your skin. HOW TO STEEP: Bring water to a rolling boil and let sit for one minute before pouring over your leaves. Steep for 2 to 5 minutes depending on the instructions and how strong you’d like your tea flavor. The longer it sits, the more bitter it becomes.

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Subscription - JoJo Tea- fresh jasmine breath

Jasmine Tea

If I could give jasmine tea a nickname, I’d call it a cup of lovely. It’s fragrant aroma will uplift your senses, and its sweet and delicate taste reminds me of a flower bed. In addition, it’s loaded with antioxidants that help prevent premature aging, and its polyphenols help smooth fine lines and even out skin pigmentation. If you haven’t already tried jasmine tea, highly recommend! HOW TO STEEP: Use water between 160-180 degrees. Never use boiling water. Some manufactures recommend half boiled water, half room temp water for steeping. And steeping time can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the type of jasmine tea.

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to tea. Always choose organic, high quality leaves when possible. You’ll get the best flavor and health compounds from higher quality, well preserved and/or fresh leaves. And always follow manufacture instructions for how much tea to steep, water temp, and time of steeping.

Tea really does have so many amazing benefits for our wellbeing. Try adding in one cup a day and enjoy what it does for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what teas you enjoy to drink!

Priscilla ❤

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Adapting to Stress – simple ways to overcome stress

Getting through the rough patches of life is very different for everyone. We may all be facing the “same” types of stressful situations and yet processing them very differently. For me personally, I’ve been able to navigate through many hard times but it wasn’t always easy, or convenient. Today, I’m better able to handle stress better than I did 10 years ago. But getting to this place happened through lots of stress inducing moments that lead me to cultivating practices that helped me better manage my stress.

Just recently I was working with a friend on a stressful project, and she mentioned “you’re handling this well for how stressful it really is.” And I did feel calm, despite the chaos we were experiencing. So I want to share with you all some of what I’ve learned throughout the years to better manage stress and help me remain grounded.

There are a handful (maybe more) of things I do daily for my self-care. Staying hydrated, eating for my gut health, nourishing my body with my superfood shakes, minimizing my caffeine intake, morning devotions and journaling, meditation and exercise. These self care basics are not luxurious at all. But they’re the “secret sauce” of what’s been so impactful for me and my peace.

To really wrap this up with a bow, there are specific rituals I want to share with you during your most stressful times:

Daily time with self

Every morning before I start my day, I take 15 to 20 minutes to set my intentions, read the bible, pray and write my gratitude list. Its not always in this order or the entire sequence even. Somedays its prayer and bible time, other times its meditation, journaling and prayer. The main focus is to empower myself, show gratitude, and set the intentions for my day on what Id like to accomplish and how I want to feel. I get up about half hour before everyone else usually gets up so I have this quite time to enjoy to myself. (I also always a enjoy a cup of tea… 😊)

Stop and breathe

Take Deep Breath Cartoon , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Throughout the rest of my day, I don’t usually have another 10 to 20 minutes where I’ll be able to spend another quite time alone. So instead, I take regular moments to pause and focus on my breathing. When things are chaotic and busy, or overwhelming, I pause for one to two minutes, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths. This helps calm my nerves and re-center my focus. If you’re having a busy day and everyone around you is demanding something from you, pull yourself away for a bathroom or water break and take some time for deep breaths.


These magical herbs grow in regions of extreme weather and over time have adapted to that climate. Their adaptability has allowed them to grow and thrive, and it turn, we’ve been able to benefit from these plants since ancient times. Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine use adaptogens as part of their practice, and today they are still as widely used and effective. Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress. How so? The same way the plants are able to adapt to stressors in their environment, it allows for balance amongst our stress hormones as well when we take them in. This is natures way of helping us cope with stress and stabilize our mood.

Adaptogen Supplements - Ionix Supreme
Ionix Supreme

My favorite adaptogen blend is Ionix Supreme. With ashwagandha, eleuthero root, wolfberry, bacopa, and lots more, this liquid elixir helps not only to manage stress, but its loaded with vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system and increases your daily energy. It’s the ultimate everyday antidote everyone needs on their counter and in their body.

The end goal shouldn’t be to live a stress free life. While you can control certain areas of your life and eliminate stress as much as possible, there are things outside of your control that are going to cause you stress. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. However, the way you respond to it will greatly impact your mental and emotional health.

For example, being stuck in heavy traffic while already running late, or getting a flat tire, or realizing you left your purse at home once you’re at the register to pay for something, or flight delay due to bad weather – there are plenty of instances that will test you; your responses determine whether or not you pass the test.

But adding in these practices will help you better handle those stressful situations so you can focus on solutions instead of panic.

Let me know below your favorite ways to handle stress.


I just recently started using BeautyCounters Flawless in Five, and let me say, it’s a MUST HAVE! I started using Beautycounter for their safe and clean skin care products. After learning about how toxic the beauty industry is and what it’s doing to our health, I wanted to switch to products I could trust, for both myself and especially my daughter!

So lets dive into the FLAWLESS IN 5!

The set comes with six products.

1. Your choice of the Skin Twin Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer.

I went with the Foundation because that is what I was most currently in need of. It comes in 18 shades; its very breathable and feels light on your skin, and it has good coverage that lasts all day. It also blends really well which I love, and it contains Hyaluronic Acid which plumps your skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines over time.

2. Skin Twin Creamy Concealer

This concealer is my favorite by far. It has excellent coverage and a little goes a long way! It has a natural finished looks and comes in 13 undertones that blend beautifully. You can wear this with our without foundation as well. It contains ingredients like avocado and knotgrass which help give skin its smooth silkiness.

3. Brow Pencil or Brow Gel

Color Define Brow Pencil in Dark
Beautycounter 3ml Brilliant Brow Gel tube on a white backround

I personally went with the gel as its easier for me to use. It comes in 5 shades, and has conditioning plant based butters and even elderberry to hydrate, condition and thicken your brows. Its super easy to apply and lasts all day.

4. Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara

Lengthening Mascara

Ok, where do I begin? The application is such an easy process. It glides on to your lashes, it does not get crusty or flaky, and a little bit goes a long way. It also lasts all day without running which I love. It gives your lashes a beautiful lengthening boost and separates and defines your lashes. My daughter, who loves mascara and has tried many different kinds, said this is one the best professional quality mascaras she’s tried and she’s hooked on it. One of her favorite parts is the long handle which makes it extra easy to apply.

Satin Powder Blush in Sorbet

5. Satin Powder Blush

Im not at all a fan of blush, never have been, so I was very skeptical of this when I first tried it on, but to my surprise, it was beautiful. Not only the color I chose, but the way it applied, and how it just lightly added a pop of color to highlight and accentuate my cheekbones. It comes in 7 different gorgeous shades.

6. Beyond Gloss

Beautycounter 5.5ml Beyond Gloss tube on top of product smear on a white background

Who doesn’t love a fabulous lip gloss?! The way it shimmers and shines and makes your lips pop. It comes in 14 different shades, is scented with responsibly sourced vanilla, and adds moisture and luster to your lips without and heavy stickiness. The color is also long lasting and wears beautifully. When you apply this gloss, your lips will look and feel amazing, AND you can rest assured, its 100% safe!

There you have it! The six Flawless in Five beautiful products. And right now until the end of the month, enjoy free shipping with all orders over $75, and for all first time buyers, get an extra 10% off!

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COFFEE TALKS: Coffee’s Acidity

Coffee. That morning brew that awakens your senses as it delights your taste-buds, warming your body as it runs down your throat, filling the air with its deep and awakening aroma, its unlike any other beverage in the world.

We’ve heard so much conflicting evidence on how coffee benefits your health, and yet how to much coffee is hazardous to your health. But there’s one fact I’d like to point out. And that, coffee is quite acidic. On a pH scale, it’s between 4 and 5. A neutral pH is about 7. When it comes to our health, we want to be consuming foods on the more alkaline scale.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have coffee! There are ways we can make our coffee more alkaline and enjoy its health benefits. The problem with acidity is that it causes inflammation in our body, symptoms such as pain, headaches, stomach issues, indigestion, joint aches, and more.

So what should we do to increase coffee’s alkalinity? I’ll share a few options and ideas!

Reducing your coffee’s acidity and increasing it’s alkalinity

  • Drink your coffee within the first 15 minutes. Every minute after that, your coffee becomes more and more acidic. Moms – those of us who have to reheat our coffee 3 times because we’re endlessly interrupted, you might as well dump your cup and make a fresh brew!
  • Add plant based milk or creamer. Adding a plant based cream or milk increasing its alkalinity 1 or 2 numbers up the scale!
How To Make Cold Brew Isagenix Coffee - Isagenix Health

  • Go cold brew. Cold brew extracts less of coffees acid properties, making it up to 70% less acidic than hot coffee.

  • Choose dark roast over light. The longer the roast, the less acidic. The roasting time creates a compound that blocks acid from being produced by the beans into your stomach.
  • Choose a coffee thats naturally processed or uses cool grinding and slow roasting to preserve the quality of your beans and lessen its acidity.

My Go-To Coffee Recommendation!

Isagenix Coffee – and heres why!

“The Isagenix Coffee beans are selected by a licensed coffee grader, medium-roasted to perfection, and ground, using a cool-grind technology. The cool-grind technology preserves flavor and is followed with a nitrogen-flushing process. Nitrogen flushing, which occurs during packaging, is used to prevent any oxidation and to maintain the coffee grounds’ freshness.

The exceptional Isagenix Coffee products are artisanal, singularly batched, and medium-roasted under sophisticated environmental controls. Isagenix Coffee is never over-roasted or burnt and retains all of the phytonutrient properties that make for a distinguished flavor.

Each bag of Isagenix Coffee is infused with three flavor-boosting adjuncts: green tea reinforces coffee’s natural antioxidant strength, trace minerals offset acidity, and coconut oil adds a nice, buttery finish.” These ingredients also increase its alkalinity and highly boost its nutritional properties!

I hope this helps you make a healthier cup of coffee!

Whats your favorite kind of coffee?

The Best Workout Shoes: Running | Weight Training | Walking

Hello hello!

One question I get asked quite a bit about is SHOES! Workout shoes in particular, and what kinds are best to workout in. While it all depends your workout, there are a lot of “versatile” shoes you can benefit from. However, depending on what you’re doing, I’d recommend a shoe for that particular style of exercise.

Disclamer: I am not a foot doctor or specialist of any kind! Please follow recommendations from a podiatrist if you have any specific concerns.

Having the right type of shoe is important for many reasons.

  • injury prevention
  • improve performance
  • Joint stability
  • improved ankle and foot mobility
  • comfort and endurance
  • and many other reasons!


When choosing a running shoe, you want something that has good cushion for your entire foot, providing support for your heels and arches, and something that has some wiggle room for your toes. You want a heel that can withstand impact, and you want something with sturdier ankle support so you have stability and don’t roll an ankle. I wouldn’t recommend flat shoes and any shoe that has flexible collar as your foot can wiggle out when you run. I also recommend a shoe that has a longer or deeper shoestring base, otherwise your foot can also easily slip out.

Highly Recommended:

Saucony Liberty ISO 2 : Breathable. Great cushion. Supportive around ankles. Deep tongue and shoestring base. Lightweight. Good traction. $80-100.

Liberty ISO 2, Blue | Navy, dynamic
Saucony Liberty ISO 2
Adidas Ultra Boost OG

Adidas Ultra Boost: Great base and cushion support. Provides stable ankle support. Great for high impact. More toe flexibility. Breathable. Lightweight. Springy bounce back. Comfortable. $180-$200

Nike Renew Ride 2 Women's Running Shoe
Nike Renew Ride 2

Nike Renew Ride 2: Provides great cushion and support. Provides foot flexibility. Not for high impact or long distance running. Lightweight and breathable. $70-$75


When choosing a weight training shoe for leg/lower body days, you want something with minimal cushion or heel. You should feel closer to the floor for grounded stability. This allows you to prevent injuring yourself with improper form, remining upright during certain lifts, and recruit more muscle fibers since you’re driving with your heels.

All Star Classic Low Top Converse: These are the old school, but never-get-old lifters shoe. They provide pretty much the perfect flat support for leg days. Using a low top shoe also allows for more ankle mobility. At $30-80 they’re probably the most affordable and good quality lifting shoe you can find.

Women's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Pastel Ombre Ox Sneakers
Low Top Classic Converse

Nike Metcon 6 Women's Training Shoe
Nike Metcon 6

Nike Metcon 6: Call these the “superfood” of weight training shoes. They’re excellent for leg days, providing flat but cushioned and stable support. They’re breathable, comfortable, and can be used for jumping plyo workouts as well. Not recommended as a running shoe, but can be used for short distance running as well. $100-$130


When it comes to shoes for upper body workouts, you can pretty much use any shoe you like. As long as their comfortable and provide the support your foot needs, choose any training shoe what you like!

When it comes to your casual walking shoe, something to run errands in and something specifically if you’re going to be on your feet all day, I recommend something that’s breathable, provides some cushion, flexibility, and fits your foot really well since you’ll be in them all day.


Adidas NMD

Adidas NMD: These can also be used for general training days, like upper body work or for HIIT workouts, but they’re great for walking, super comfortable, breathable, and provide both ankle and heel support. They come in a variety or colors to match all your casual outfits. $130 – $180

PUMA Rs-0: Come in many different colors. Provide cushioned support, lots of comfort, great as a lifestyle shoe. $40-80

Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks Ghost 12: Provides a pillow like cushioned support. Made for both short and long distance walks. Provides a secure fit, and is very durable. It also allows for natural foot flexion.

I hope this provides some help and support when choosing your training shoes. In reality, there are SO many options out there, there isn’t a one-perfect-shoe for all. A variety of factors come into play when finding the right shoe for you, depending on your feet, from foot conditions like flat feet, to more wide or narrow feet, if you have constant heel or ankle pain, all these things will play a role. Try on a wide variety of shoes, and choose what fits best for you.

Tell me below whats your favorite training shoe!