Break a Sweat!

Break a sweat! Or dont....but move your body! I'm sure you've heard of intermittent fasting, right? But how about intermittent movements?? Intermittent movement basically means to sporadically move your body. Intentionally move your body at random times, especially when you know you've been in the same position for a long period of time. This doesn't … Continue reading Break a Sweat!

Snack Attack

I snack. You snack. We all snack - snack attack! Why is it that finding the perfect snack seems so complicated sometimes? It's like, finding that perfect balance of "quick-n-easy, healthy, satiating, and simple-to-eat" snack is difficult to find. And then, there's the timing factor.  Sometimes you won't be getting your next solid meals for … Continue reading Snack Attack