Corporate Wellness

The Build a Better Body Challenge


What is it?

The Build a Better Body Challenge is a six week weight loss challenge designed to promote healthy living by teaching the importance of self-awareness, setting deep-rooted goals, and the basic steps to achieving those goals, including jump starting healthy habits to improve overall health for the long run.  This challenge helps promote a health focused work environment and community where employees hold each other accountable, support each other and get healthy together. And healthier employees make for more productive ones.

What is the goal behind the challenge?

The goal is to motivate, inspire and educate the participants, to get them in touch with their “why,” and to get them on the right track by teaching them valuable information, while providing the tools necessary to keep them on track even after the challenge is over.  Ultimately, it’s about getting each participant on the road of success for a healthy lifestyle.

How does the employer benefit from the challenge?

According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insurance premium costs and medical claims are at an “all time high.”  And productivity loss due to employees who missed work due to illness can cost up to $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, each year.  By implementing health and wellness focused programs such as this, you can encourage your employees to take part in a goal based program with provided support, encouragement and added incentives.  Begin growing a collective community of health oriented, like-minded individuals.

What’s included?

The challenge includes the following:

  • Weekly emails containing nutrition and health focused topics such as, but not limited to
    • Gut and digestive health
    • Deciphering restaurant menus
    • Nutrient dense foods
    • Sleep
    • Water
    • Exercise
    • Fiber
    • Alcohol
    • Fermented Foods
  • Recipes
  • Exercise/training ideas
  • A daily habit tracker
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Valuable content to be applied long after the challenge is over
  • Various prizes and incentives
  • Mini bi-weekly challenges
  • Cash for grand prize winner
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Accurate record keeping
  • 100% of my support for each employee!

How does the contest work?

During the six weeks there will be three bi-weekly weigh-ins including waist measurements.  With each weigh-in there will be a new mini challenge that focuses on incorporating new, health oriented habits.  With each mini challenge, there is a new winner and a prize associated with the focus point of the challenge. After the third and final weigh in, there is one grand prize winner who will receive the cash jackpot as well as a gift basket package with a variety of healthy lifestyle related items.

Why you should participate?

Henry Ford said “if everyone moves forward together, then success takes cares of itself.”  To come together as a team, to unify to work towards a common vision creates accomplishment.  No man is an island. Group participation creates purpose, the feeling you’re apart of something greater than yourself.  It gives us something to work for. Working towards a healthy lifestyle means having to acknowledge your unhealthy habits, it means doing things that are uncomfortable, it requires testing your strength and willpower.  It is time that people come to face with understanding that if their health is going to change for the better, they have to take that responsibility for themselves. When we feel better, we do better, we perform better.  Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. If you applied 110% of yourself for six weeks, imagine what you could accomplish.

Past Results

🌟🌟 Collective release of 104 pounds and 51 inches between 18 employees! 🌟🌟



Lunch and Learn



The purpose of a Lunch and Learn event is to educate employees regarding health and wellness and provide guidance and direction.  This presentation is voluntary and held during lunch hour. Tailored to a specific audience, each employee would receive a pre-assessment to be completed online.  Based on their preferred topic(s) of choice, the information provided during the Lunch and Learn would relate specifically to their interest.

Topics could include, but not limited to:

  • Exercise at your desk
  • Meal prep
  • Eating for energy
  • Optimizing your metabolism
  • Nutrient dense foods
  • Keys to better sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Achieving fat loss
  • Energizing yoga sequence

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