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Needing guidance and support, a personalized blueprint might be for you!  Here is what my one-on-one coaching provides.



Full Assessment

Assessments are indispensable tools for us as coaches.  They allow us to gain insight about your current way of living and health habits so we can better customize a program suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Personalized Nutrition Blueprint

We’re not all built the same. Diets aren’t “one size fits all.”  Your nutrition shouldn’t be either. Your nutrition plan will be customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals.  Your dietary intake is key, and will be placed at the forefront of your health.

Active Living Blueprint

If the word exercise scares you, fear not.  Exercise isn’t streamlined to one specific activity.  There are so many ways to get active and move your body.  We’ll work together to find an activity that best suits you and your liking.

Supplemental Recommendations

Due to mineral depletion, it’s become a necessity to supplement for most people.  I’ll share with you my favorite, go-to supplements to enhance your nutrition.

Healthy Lifestyle Education and Guidance

My overall goal is to help you discover your inner nutritionist.  We all have one. Long after your coaching is done with me, you’ll have valuable lifelong tools, knowledge and understanding to be applied for the rest of your life.  

Meditation Program

To find your inner nutritionist, we have to silence our minds and all external chatter.  I’ll share with you some meditation practices to implement throughout your coaching time to help you become more aware and mindful of your body and your thoughts.

Weekly Check-In and Photo Evaluation

Once a week you’ll send in a check-in sheet and progress photos (if applicable)  This is important in making adjustments as needed and monitoring your progress.

Bi – Weekly Zoom or Phone Call

Zoom/Phone calls allow us to communicate one on one about concerns you may have, answer any detailed questions and help keep you on track and accountable.  

24/7 Email Access

Anytime you have questions or need support outside of our calls, just shoot me an email.  I’m here for you as often as you need me.

110% of my support!!

I’m your advocate, your cheerleader, and I’m here to help you accomplish your goals!

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